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Scientific Seminar On “Visual Rehabilitation of Cataract” – Vision for the future

Today’s 27 July 2019 scientific session it was really wonderful for KPJ Dhaka all Management, Consultants, staffs, students and Guest as well join from outside.

Committed and popular DR. FARZANA SULTANA BORNA - MBBS, MS (Ophthalmology), Specialist - Ophthalmology, SFMMKPJSH was present as keynote speaker who presented very nicely to make understand her today’s selected Topic: “Visual Rehabilitation of Cataract” – Vision for the future. Keynote speaker shared little major issue at her presentation with proper expiation to make it more exciting session to all participants: (a) Global Blindness Scenario, (b) Bangladesh Blindness Profile, (c) How Cataract develops, (d) Anatomy of Lens, (e) Functions of the Lens, (f) Lens Transparency, (g) Causes of cataract, (h) Types of Cataract, (i) Classification of Cataract, (j) Morphological Classification, (k) Based on degree of maturity, (l) Clinical Presentation, (m) Ophthalmic Pre-operative evaluation, (n) Sequele of neglected Cataract, (o) Different types of Lens (p) Advantages of Phaco-surgery and many more. With this all she given answer tremendously to all question form the floor of audience and get round of applause after end her session successfully.


In this scientific seminar Chief Guest was PROF. DR. DEEN MOHD. NOORUL HUQ - Phaco and Glaucoma Surgeon, Honorable former Director General of the Directorate General of Health Services, (DGHS) & Consultant Ophthalmology, SFMMKPJSH. He expressed he is so pleased to be join this session for ophthalmology which we arranged today. He also one of the visiting Ophthalmology consultant giving world class eye care to patient as it is. He explained how well equipped for cataract surgery this KPJ Dhaka, anyone can take services. He is willing to serve more if he gets opportunity for more success of Eye / Ophthalmology services. Sir told the entire participant to come this hospital to take care for eye all.

Rest all event itinerary as properly followed as necessary ensure of it’s success.

This event cooperated by SQUARE PHARMACEUTICALS LTD. KPJ Dhaka management extended sincerest thanks to all on this event participation.
Event arranged by: CME Committee, SFMMKPJSH&NC







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